In the press: 

Julia Seidlanowska’s performance as Iris is astonishing...
— Danielle Benzon, Plank Magazine
Julia Siedlanowska also impresses—with tender simplicity—as Belle and Tiny Tim
— Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight
Julia Siedlanowska, who plays Iris, the only child we meet in the Nether, is stellar. The frankness and simplicity of her delivery, the combination of intelligence and vulnerability, yield an unsettling and essential innocence.
— Colin Thomas
Can a full and satisfying life be lived in just a few minutes? And then lived again and again, each time in a new way? That’s the question (and the challenge) I took home with me after watching the premier performance of “Chivalry Is Dead”. And not only that, I got to see human beings flying through the air under their own power, without wings!
— Richard Dixon, Theatre Educator, Playwright, Port Moody BC 2015
…beautifully wild and dark…”

“…nothing short of unconventional…”

“…the entire show [Shakespeare Unchained] came together in a way that felt both familiar and fresh…
— Brian Horstead, Glass City 2014

Julia Siedlanowska

Julia was born and is currently living as a theatre maker on unceded Coast Salish Territories. She has worked with companies such as Pacific Theatre, The Only Animal,  The Arts Club, The Firehall Arts Centre, The Cultch, Full Circle First Nations Performance, Rumble Theatre, MACHiNENOiSY Dance Society, Jumblies Theatre and Classic Chic Productions. She has participated in the Wet Ink Collective and was a Young Ambassador for the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival. Julia is the volunteer coordinator for the Talking Stick Festival and was the community liaison for MACHiNENOiSY Dance Society. Recently she was assistant director to Mindy Parfitt on Corleone (Classic Chic Productions.) Last summer she participated in Talking Treaties with Jumblies Theatre in Toronto, deepening her passion for community engaged arts. She also directed Wyspa for The Only Animal’s Generation Hot: Waterborne, a production written by herself and Kanon Hewitt and created in collaboration with five youth artists.

Julia is co-artistic director of Shakespeare Unchained, a company she runs with Calgary based dance artist Kara Nolte, which explores classic texts through dance and theatre, and is performed and created site-specifically. 

She is a recent recipient of the Early Career Development grant from the BC Arts Council, through which she is working with Vancouver Moving Theatre in various exciting capacities and roles through 2018. Most recently as social media manager and community engagement assistant to Rosemary Georgeson on the national tour of Weaving Reconciliation: Our Way. She is currently in development with several new works, as well as teaching speech arts and drama. She holds a BA in Acting from the University of Wales.