Chivalry is Dead

Can a full and satisfying life be lived in just a few minutes? And then lived again and again, each time in a new way? That’s the question (and the challenge) I took home with me after watching the premier performance of “Chivalry Is Dead”. And not only that, I got to see human beings flying through the air under their own power, without wings! The show is performed in the charming garden behind Original’s Cafe Mexicano, where spectral trees provide a natural backdrop that’s a scenic designer’s dream! Check it out.
— Richard Dixon, Theatre Educator, Playwright, Port Moody BC 2015


Chivalry is Dead
Directed by Julia Siedlanowska and Kara Nolte


Created and Performed by Kara Nolte and Julia Siedlanowska

A two woman, site specific, dance-theatre show

Running Time: 35 minutes

Join us for fears, tears and adventure on the playground of life and death.

Originally performed and created for the Original's Cafe Mexicano garden in Port Moody BC, July and August of 2015.