OWN NOW! by David Geary: A Climate Change Theatre Action Play Reading

When good book launches go bad... snake oil salesmen, surrendered wives, holy relics, the end of the world, and the return of the Chosen One... "We're going to capture The Rapture in my next chapter!”

OWN NOW, by Maori playwright, David Geary, was commissioned for the international project, Climate Change Theatre Action, a worldwide series of performances of short plays to coincide with the United Nations COP meetings this fall. Presented by The Only Animal, directed by Julia Siedlanowska, with Taran Kootenhayoo, Raven John, and Marguerite Hanna, followed by a conversation with the playwright on creative action in this climate moment.

A global participatory project, Climate Change Theatre Action uses theatre to bring communities together and encourage them to take local and global action on climate. By providing tools (a series of plays) free of charge, some guidance on how to produce events, marketing support, and a model that encourages leadership and self-determination, we make it easy for everyone to engage with an art form they may not be familiar with, and we empower them to harness their own creative potential and put it in service of the greater good.


First time I’ve seen hearing and non-hearing, ASL and English and Coast Salish languages mixed. Shared experience of exclusion, pain, resilience and belonging.
— Unsettled, Phase 1, audience response

Unsettled: workshop presentation & discussion
Phase I and II

Recently Julia received funding from the Canada Council and BC Community Resilience Through the Arts fund for phase II of a III part development process on Unsettled: an intergenerational multi-arts theatre project created with and performed by professional and community artists (Deaf/disabled/indigenous/elder/youth) who live with and experience disability(s)/being disabled. An original script is being created in collaboration with community artists, workshop facilitators, and designers. The presentational style blends poetry, narrative, song, stylized gesture, movement, live drumming and ASL.

Phase I: Created by Caroline Hebert, Stephen Lytton, Kat Norris, Kaitlyn Pedersen, Sandra Pronteau, Julia Siedlanowska, with contribution by Terreane Derrick
Sponsored by Kokoro Dance Theatre Society/KW Studios, presented as part of the Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival, October 2018.

Phase II: In partnership with Theatre Terrific, Created by: Caroline Hebert, Stephen Lytton, Kat Norris, Kaitlyn Pedersen, Sandra Pronteau, Co-Directed by: Julia Siedlanowska and Susanna Uchatius, Deaf Director: John Warren, Elder Advisor: Kat Norris, Stage Management: Andy Sandberg, Lighting Design: Keagan Elrick, Projection Design: Kanon Hewitt, Sound Design and Composition: Matt Horrigan, Dramaturgy: Jiv Parasram, Mentorship by: Savannah Walling and Terry Hunter of Vancouver Moving Theatre, ASL Interpreters: Sara-Lee Saltiero, Monica Lee, and Gillian Pettitt. ASL Video/Projections: Caroline Hebert. Created with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the BC Community Resilience fund, July 2019.

Fabulous and moving. Made me feel very emotional! Very strong piece!
— Unsettled, Phase 1, audience response
The show for me really lead by example and showed a type or a glimpse into a type of dialogue that I really crave in disability communities that I’m a part of. So one of my takeaways was the desire to continue to witness and to be a part of this in a way following their lead.
— Unsettled, Phase 1, audience response
Fabulous and moving. Made me feel very emotional! Very strong piece!
— Unsettled, Phase 1, audience response
The importance of witnessing work where my perspective (as a so called “able-bodied,” hearing, settler) is not being prioritized above others. The diversity of forms of sign language that exist. The way that humour, vulnerability and supportive relationships can create moving theatrical moments.
— Unsettled, Phase 1, audience response

The Somewhere Cedar
By Jess Amy Shead
Directed by Julia Siedlanowska

Co-presented at the rEvolver Festival by Upintheair Theatre and The Only Animal. This adaptation of Antigone took place in a Janitor’s closet, lit only by flashlight, for an audience of no more than 4.

We (don't) Deserve Nice Things 
By Anita Majumdar at Pi Theatre/ The Only Animal's Climate Change Action II. 
Sunday November 12th
Red Gate Revue Stage
1601 Johnston st., Vancouver, BC

Featuring Melissa Oei, Anjela Magpantay, Lindsay Curl, and Danielle Klaudt. 
More info here.

Wyspa (Generation Hot: Waterborne, Program Green- The Only Animal)
Lead Artists: Kanon Hewitt & Julia Siedlanowka
Dramaturgy: mia amir

A group of youth stranded on an urchin-infested island guide the audience through a magic-infused ceremony and explore their world views that have turned them into survivors. Part documentary/verbatim script driven by youth aged 11-16.

Wyspa is partly inspired by the recent rise in domestic violence in Alberta as a result of the economic downturn and job loss in the oil and gas industry, and how raising youth in rigid gender hierarchies might enforce these patterns of violence. It also asks the question: How do we react to questions around climate change when the youth who will inherit our planet are right in front of us?


The King Matt Theatre Presents:
The Green Wanderer
By Liliana Bardijewska

May 6th- October 2017 (Touring)

IN SHORT: A puppet show for kids about connection, adventure, inclusion, and following your dreams.

Vancouver, BC –  The Green Wanderer is a lyrical fairy tale for young audiences full of warm humour, about friendship, tolerance, the need to have a dream, and the art of being different.

 “As a mom of two small children, I feel compelled to work on shows that propagate caring, understanding, compassion and love.”

                                                                                                – Elizabeth Kirkland (Puppeteer)

In grey Creatureland, Creature (The Green Wanderer) wakes up one day to find they’re completely green! But the grey river shows them a grey reflection, because Creatureland is unaware of any other colours. Creature decides to set off into the world in search of a green river, followed by the sneaky Hedgehog, to see their true green reflection. Their unusual journey will take them through various colourful but monotone lands, from blue to green. The inhabitants of each one will greet Creature in a different way: in the land of blue they will want to make them blue by force; in the land of red they will greet them as someone unique, worthy of a royal crown; in the land of yellow - kingdom of fun and games - Creature will understand that all are equal; in the land of white fog they will see that colours can disappear too; and in the land of green they will finally cease to be different - they will be green like everyone else.

On their travels Creature will meet lots of new friends who will help them on their journey - brave Azure the Snail, Cinnabar the mischievous wind, Queen Crimson the dethroned bird, a philosophical polar Bear and suspicious green Porcupine. From each of them they will get an unusual gift that will show them the way ahead. In the end Creature will return to their grey homeland over the rainbow bridge, to tell the others creatures about the world’s colours and change Creatureland forever.

The story will be told through the use of hand puppets, with the expertise of puppeteers Lissa Neptuno (The Nether) and Elizabeth Kirkman (Three Stories Up, Corleone). Creature will be played by Sarah Roa (Robinson Crusoe, Raven Meets the Monkey King -Axis Theatre.)

The King Matt Theatre is an offshoot of the Vancouver Polish Theatre and is dedicated to producing English translations of work for young audiences by Polish authors.

Artistic Team: Director Julia Siedlanowska, Producer Andrzej Gajos, Featuring Sarah Roa, Lissa Neptuno, Elizabeth Kirkland. Sound Designer Matthew Horrigan, Stage Manager Bogumila Siedlanowska, Puppet Designer and Builder Randi Edmundson, Set Designer Jared Rashke, Costume Designer Joanna Kopplinger

See our preview in The Vancouver Sun here!

Assistant Directing
Corleone: The Shakespearean Godfather
By David Mann

Directed by Mindy Parfitt
Tickets Available here
Feb 3-25th at Pacific Theatre

Nolte ended the show with a sweet, slow dance with an audience member, and filled the whole room with a cloud of love... aux.la.more is THE feel good show of this Fringe.
— Prachi Kamble, The Vancouver Arts Review

Created and Performed by Kara Nolte
Directed and Produced by Julia Siedlanowska
SHOW DATES: Sep 9, 10, 11, 13 @ The Vancouver Fringe 2016
aux.la.more takes us on a journey from Walt Whitman to the Backstreet Boys in a search for connection. Dislocation, unrest, addiction and loss can be overcome by simply being together.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/ShakespeareUnchained/?fref=ts

Written by: Kanon Hewitt
Directed by: Julia Siedlanowska
The Vancouver Fringe 2016
The audience puts together an interactive puzzle of sights, sounds, and smells from a world in which coastal cities have disappeared into the radiation-filled ocean. Each artifact collected from a future Japan reveals a story of the struggle to love in a society desperate to survive.

When Anna moves in to the basement suite below Patrick, an unlikely romance ensues. But as she suffers increasingly strange behaviour in her sleep, it sends them both down a dizzying spiral of mistrust and fear. Now, caught together in a shared nightmare, these clashing lovers must untangle their demons, sort reality from dream, and learn how to trust – or one of them may never wake up.

Featuring Jess Amy Shead and Riaan Smit

Director • Julia Siedlanowska
Set Designer • Pedro Chamale
Sound Designer • C.J. McGillivray
Costume Designer • Heather Schmit
Lighting Designers • Ada-Jane Wolf and Nicole Weismiller
New Media Designer • Matt Horrigan
Assistant Set Designers • Vanka Salim, Jocelyn Kim and Shelby Wyminga
Stage Manager • Miranda Sandberg

King Matt the First

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