is "THE feel good show of this Fringe."

From: The Vancouver Arts Review

We didn’t know what to expect from “”. We went in completely blind. Kara Nolte operates under Shakespeare Unchained and the show description included names like Vivaldi and Walt Whitman. That’s what got us. We waited for the show to start in jet black darkness and complete silence in the intimate setting of the False Creek Gym. Nolte appeared on stage under a spotlight and for a good five minutes dove into a modern dance piece with her back to the audience, without the help of any music. You could hear her breathe. She then turned around and broke the silence with a warm smile and her charming, personable aura. We understand now the importance of her initial, muted dance. Hearing her sigh and breathe as we watched her create movement with her body brought us closer to her than any amount of words could have. Nolte then recited Walt Whitman’s “When Lilacs Last In the Dooryard Bloom’d”, a poem about death, life, love and beauty. She then showed us a dance she choreographed to the words of the poem. For the rest of the show, Nolte performed the same dance to Vivaldi, Edith Piaf and the Backstreet Boys. Never before have we gotten goosebumps from a Backstreet Boys song as we did in this show.

Nolte is a highly skilled contemporary and modern dancer. Her choreography translates words into emotions and movement with wicked perfection. She has a gift. In her show, she tells the story of her own search for intimacy and connection. She once mentions looking for it in the Downtown East Side. Raw details like that take “” to an elevated level of connection. Nolte has a knack for beauty and poetry. She creates romance, nostalgia and melancholy with the unleashing of a smile, the drop of a wrist, the droop of her head and renditions of cheesy karaoke songs.

Nolte ended the show with a sweet, slow dance with an audience member, and filled the whole room with a cloud of love.

“” is short and sweet and THE feel good show of this Fringe.

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-Prachi Kamble