Appearing July 23rd and 24th as part of the Kaleidoscope Festival for Coquitlam's 125th anniversary celebration. This Rebel Haunt Theatre Original Creation is now available for touring! (Starting July 25th 2016) Please email

Director Sarah Dixon and performer Julia Siedlanowska present a charming tale about young Josette and her magical journey on a highwire across the heavens. In every moment of its brief half hour, She Began to Cross the Sky looms large to remind us that even our most naive, childlike creative passions and impulses have within them the same beauty and scope as the universe itself!

“Rebel Haunt's work makes me cry, gasp, and laugh, always at the most surprising times. Little gentle fireworks of epiphany go off in my head and I walk out of the theatre feeling in touch with the world again.” -Shanda Walters, BC Drama Educator

In Dixon and Siedlanowska's magical tale, brave little Josette refuses to submit to the banal demands of her mother and teacher, and seeks adventure on her highwire. Setting forth to explore the heavens, she finds herself transformed into a little bird who must use her wits and courage to change the cosmos.

“Sarah Dixon's directorial hand is deft and sure, and her writing is complex and deep. There is a stillness and grace in her work that nevertheless contains a heart that beats with passion and honesty. I leave her shows deeply satisfied.”-Robert Wisden, Actor and BC Drama Educator                   

In the tradition of Thornton Wilder, Rebel Haunt’s plays link the immediate with the eternal. Artistic director Sarah Dixon calls her approach Micro-Epic Theatre, a method she’s applied to several of her innovative productions, including The Middle of Winter (2006), Rebel Haunt (2007), Home Stand Still (2008), Robotic Feeling (2009), The Dark (2010), Match Girl (2010), Entschuldigung (2011), Hometown (2011/12/13), Scavenger Heart (2011/12), The Venosta Radio Hour (2013/14) and Moonfall (2014). She and Julia Siedlanowska have worked together in a variety of productions over the years, and they share the bond of artists who have repeatedly braved the stage in all its fearsome wonder.

Julia is a BC based actor/director. She graduated with a BA in acting, with honours, from the University of Wales. She is currently working as a company apprentice at Pacific Theatre.

Originally appeared October 2015 as part of Port Moody Arts Centre’s Art 4 Life Exhibition.