"I can tell you I asked a question, but I can’t tell you what that question was, or Siedlanowska’s response. I can say that her answer did open up the interaction for a somewhat deeper conversation than I was expecting," Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents!  

Julia Siedlanowska explores proximity and closeness in a one on one, site-specific performance.

The experience takes place in a small Boler (tow-behind) trailer. It is a 10-minute one on one performance between performer and audience member exploring proximity and closeness between strangers. 

“The audience member will come into the Boler and have the opportunity to choose from two options: 

1. They can ask me a question
2. They can tell me something

The only parameters being: it has to be the truth, and it stays in the room,” says performer and creator of the project, Julia Siedlanowska. 

“Basically, this is a rough idea I've had for a few years now. I am interested in creating a small, mobile theatre space that can pique the interest of passers by and locals by happenstance or word of mouth by coming up in unexpected places. I am interested in exploring the intimacy of such a small space for theatre to take place,” says Siedlanowska. “It’s also a gentle exercise in consent. Each person has to navigate, for themselves, and with respect to the other, how much and what they want to divulge.”  

Tickets are sold in an accessible pay-what-you-think-it’s-worth model, after the show.

Artistic Team: Created and Performed by Julia Siedlanowska.

If you would like to book this performance please-
CONTACT: siedlanowskaj@gmail.com | 604 616 7381